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MarCam Co. makes the most versatile mounting systems for your smartphone, sports camera, video camera or still camera.  Ruggedly designed and built originally for use on boats, photographers have found it to be a valuable tool on and off the water.  Our camera mounts are made from 6061 hard coated aluminum and stainless steel… no plastic. 


The viscous dampened single axis pivot has been designed especially for the Level Cam™ mount and is unique.  Level Cam™ will hold your smartphone or sport camera securely and as the sailboat tacks the Level Cam™ pivot will keep your device level and smooth through 200 degrees of arc.  This really brings the action to life in your videos and photos as you watch the boat heel instead of the horizon slant as with a fixed camera.  Level Cam™ can be mounted to the deck, mast, rail or stanchion of a tacking sailboat, underwater on the end of an outstretched pole, on a swaying flying bridge, on a camera boom sweeping through an arc and hundreds of other ways.  The camera will stay level and the motion dampened for smooth, steady shots.  When you record images as your eye sees them, with the horizon line level, the action pops.  All GoGo Cam™ parts are included with LevelCam™.  Made in the USA.


 It is a rugged, super secure mount for your camera or cell phone that swivels around and angles up and down.  It is made for powerboats and has no pivot.  In your center console or power boat your smartphone is held securely for easy phone monitoring, position marking or taking a photograph or video.  GoGo Cam™  switches in seconds to a GoPro type mount for your action camera.  MarCam Co. mounts are made of marine grade materials, contains no motorized or electrical parts, no pumps or counter weights, are very light weight and are maintenance free other than an occasional fresh water rinse.