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As lifelong sailors and fishermen we found it tiresome craning our necks looking at sailing videos trying to figure out what was going on.  The action looked static and the horizon slanted radically as the boat heeled because the camera was hard mounted to the sailboat.  There must be a better way.

Existing pivoting camera rigs were cumbersome, needed maintenance, needed a rail or rigging to attach to and were expensive.  We worked for 2 years developing the unique dampened pivot and frame for the Level Cam™ resulting in an elegant, lightweight camera mount with hundreds of mounting possibilities and a pivot that keeps the smartphone or sport camera level.  The dampening allows the camera to pivot smoothly and under control for smooth video.  

We’re sailors but we like to fish and powerboat cruise too and use our smartphone to mark positions, take calls and take photos and videos.  The smartphone/camera holders on the market were not secure enough to take high speed pounding and crew bumping into it.  The all metal GoGo Cam™ evolved from this need as a super secure fixture for your smartphone or camera.  It can hang from the overhead or mount on the dash.  It swivels 360 degrees and tilts up and down and can be locked in position.  Capture the action ahead or astern or underwater on a pole.  All MarCam Co. products can be used underwater without modification and all are maintenance free.

Heavy equipment operator, academics, researchers, motorcyclists and truck drivers are a few of the land based users of the GoGo Cam™.

Capturing special moments creates the visual memories that inspire us and get passed down generations.  Our products strive to make those memories better, easier to capture and last a lifetime.

~ Steve McGowan

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