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There are numerous mounting options for both the Level Cam™ and the GoGo Cam™

The GoGoCam™ is included with the LevelCam™ which all parts and components come in a convenient waterproof clear carrying case with a carabiner hook. 

Instructions are included along with waterproof MarCam Company stickers for your boat, car, or stick them anywhere.


  • Enter all settings and controls on your camera before affixing it to the camera mount.

  • Secure the camera mount before affixing your device to the camera mount.

  • Be sure the Level Cam™ pivot is parallel with the centerline of the vessel.

  • Tighten all fasteners securely.

  • If tape is used be generous.

  • A shotgun mic will give much better audio.

  • Rinse the camera mount occasionally with fresh water.

  • Don’t over-tighten the smartphone clamp…it could crush your phone.​