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GoGo Cam™  -  Assembly and Operation Instructions

1- Choose the location for your GoGo Cam™ by holding it in various locations with your smartphone or camera attached. Choose a location that is accessible, does not interfere with other controls and provides the best camera angles, ideally swiveling for a clear shot of the bow and stern. The rear of the mounting surface must have access. Horizontal surfaces work best such as dashboards, overhead electronics boxes, hardtops, etc.
2- Mark the surface at the center of the GoGo Cam™ base. The black washer (5) can act as a template. Use a 9/32” or 7 mm drill bit and drill a hole at your center mark.
3- Screw the threaded stud (3) into GoGo Cam™ base and tighten hard with the Allen wrench.
4- Place one black nylon washer (5) on the stud & Mount GoGo Cam™ in position with the threaded stud in the drilled hole.
5- Place second black nylon washer(5) on stud on other side of surface and secure with Ny-lock nut (6). Tighten nut to desired swivel friction.
6- Tighten GoGo Cam™ device angle with thumbscrew (2).
7- Remove thumbscrew (2) to change from smartphone to camera.
8- To be ready to video/photo set Apple phones to: Settings – Display & Brightness – Auto-Lock – Never. Now your phone will not go into sleep mode. Set the camera to video or photo. Press remote control or hit shutter button on phone to take photo or start video. Use remote or timer for great portraits.
9- Some users keep their smartphone plugged in to a local cigarette lighter receptacle for constant charging.
10- Rinse occasionally with fresh water.
11- Enjoy and send us your videos and photos!