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Level Cam™  -  Assembly and Operation Instructions 

1 – The Level Cam™ is a single axis pivot system that keeps your smart-phone or camera level with the horizon and has hundreds of mounting possibilities. Use the whole frame, which can be configured in dozens of ways, or part of the frame or no frame at all, just the pivot (3). The frame comes assembled properly. Please look at it and note the position and order of the parts, especially the top L-bracket (2) which is not symmetrical.

2 – The entire frame can be mounted on deck with tape. The frame, with legs (9,10) removed, can be bolted to deck or deck fittings. Fits under Laser bow eye, Etchells aft spin blocks, any dingy to mega yacht. Many users use only the top L-bracket (2) to hang the pivot (3) and camera from stanchions, masts, deck boxes, dodger frames, bow & stern rails, spreaders, bulkheads, booms, etc.

3 – Your Level Cam™ package includes a smart-phone clamp (6).

4 – The legs (9,10) can be used as extensions. Extra bolt & nut (14,15) are included.

5 – *Important* - Be sure to align the pivot body (3) parallel to the centerline of the boat so the pivot swings freely athwart ships.

6 – Secure the smart-phone clamp (6) or camera to the bottom stud of the pivot (4) and orient the device to shoot the desired subject. Screw down the pivots knurled lock nut (3) to lock the camera into position.

7 – The smart-phone or camera can be angled up or down. The pivot (3) must be adjusted to hold the smart-phone or camera level at rest or the pivoting arc will be affected or unbalanced.

8 – The frame can be used without the pivot (3) for fixed photography with the camera mounted on top or hanging from the frame.

9– The top L-bracket (2) can be secured with the included hose clamp (13) or tape. We recommend using our gaffers tape for no damage to or residue on surfaces.

10– To be ready to video/photo set smart-phones to: Auto-Lock – Never. Now your phone will not go into sleep mode. Set the camera to video or photo. Press the remote control or hit the shutter button on the phone to instantly take a photo or start/stop recording video or use the shutter timer in the phone for great portraits.

11- Also included are all the parts necessary to assemble a GoGo Cam™. Please see the instructions for installing a GoGo Cam™ on our website.

12- Some users keep their smart-phone plugged in to a local cigarette lighter receptacle for constant charging.

13- Rinse occasionally with fresh water.

14- Enjoy and please send us your videos and photos via our website.